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Undertaking task for Education :International Diploma Council/ IDC

The Council aims to develop human resources that will be an asset to the international community. It fulfils the aim by providing mature people already working in international corporations or youth aiming to be active members of the global community with the opportunities to gain overseas qualifications or degrees in fields such as international business while living in Japan. It also aims to contribute to the public interest by training leaders in global and English education.
To fulfil the above aim, the Council conducts the following kinds of specified non-profit activities.

  1. Activities to promote social education
  2. Activities to promote culture, art of sports
  3. International cooperation activities
  4. Activities to promote the sound nurturing of youth
  5. Liaising, advising or support activities related to the operation or activities of organizations performing any of the activities listed above


The International Diploma Council

About International Diploma Council
The International Diploma Council is a specified non-profit corporation, certified by the Prime Minister's Office on 21st August 2001 based on the Law to Promote Specified Activities (Chapter 12.1)

  1. Special member: individuals or organizations which support the aim of this Council and promote its activities
    Membership fee: 10,000 yen per annum

  2. Associate member: individuals or organizations which support the aim of this Council and participate in its activities
    Registration fee: 5,000 yen
    Membership fee: 3,000 yen per annum

  3. Supporting member: individuals or organizations which join in this corporation to support its project
    One-off contribution: 10,000 yen

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  1. To support educational activities at public organizations and schools for overseas children.
  2. To support the overseas handicapped.
  3. To support NGOs involved in the overseas education field.
Undertaking task for Education :

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