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MA TESOL ( For Japanese,here )tesol certificate course

Corcoran'photoThe MA (TESOL) is taught in Japan over 5 years in partnership with the International Diploma Council. It is designed to provide a relevant, flexible and accessible opportunity for international language teachers and language professionals to gain a postgraduate award. The part time route is taught in consecutive modes of direct contact by UoC staff followed by tutorial and assignment writing support. Following intensive, face-to-face module input, participants will be supported to explore issues and concerns in their own work contexts. The MA is open to language professionals working in a variety of educational contexts and provides an in-depth knowledge, critical awareness and evaluation of current TESOL theory and practice and seeks to enhance candidates' capacities as informed, skilled, independent, and reflective TESOL professionals. On completion of the route candidates will be better equipped to undertake high-level professional work in TESOL contexts. Their professional learning will also enable them to adapt to new or changing professional contexts or roles. In developing this MA, University of CHICHESTER has drawn upon its considerable experience of organising programmes for Japanese teachers over a number of years. This includes the highly successful Diploma in Practical English Teaching programme taught in Osaka and Tokyo as well as programmes for the Japanese Ministry of Education (Monbukagakusho) for Japanese English teachers at both High School and Junior High School levels. Our experience also includes running MA programmes in the UK and overseas for both native and non-native learners over a number of years.

MA TESOL Route Structure
Named Award
  1. Describing and Researching English
  2. Principles and Practice of TESOL
  3. Understanding Discourse
Postgraduate Certificate (TESOL)
  1. Materials for Language Professionals
  2. TESOL in a Global Context
  3. Research Theory and Practice
Postgraduate Diploma (TESOL)
  1. Dissertation and 6 modules

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